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2018/11/30: NetBSD modular userland distribution system v0.3.0 release
2018/11/25: NetBSD modular userland distribution system v0.2.0 release
2018/09/10: fml 7.99.1 (fml8 BETA) , fix subject charset handling bug.
2018/07/14: NetBSD modular userland distribution system v0.1.1 release (weird Plan A ;-)
2018/03/31: mirror of my source code starts at github .
2018/03/10: AsiaBSDCon 2018 NetBSD Base System Packaging [paper] [slide]
2018/03/09: NetBSD BoF: Toward an apt/yum-like NetBSD maintainance [slide]
(*** Attendance to conferences (in Japanese) are omitted ***)
2017/06/16: GPU-Accelerated VDI International Conference 2017 Asia [Proceeding PDF]
2017/03/09-12: Asia BSD Conference 2017 [ P06B (03/12 09:00-) ]
... snip ...
2014/03/25-26: KCIC 2014
2012/12/13: fml-7.98.18-20121213 released to catch up Perl 5.16 changes to avoid a lot of warnings. Also, fixed HTML related modules.
2012/12/08: pkgsrc-nsrg-20121208 released. squid32 is fixed to verify that HTTPS to Google is ok.
2012/11/15: pkgsrc-nsrg 20121115 release.
2012/11/09: lectured at CAUA 11th.
2012/08/14: pkgsrc-nsrg 20120814 release.
2012/06/29: Rage. Sing. Ou, Musa. The rage of citizens in Japan ! (ustream 23641518)
2012/02/26: pkgsrc-nsrg has been released for reviews or developement within NSRG. It may help somebody ?
2012/02/11: Google DevFestX Sapporo. We have been operating the network.
2012/02/25: fml-7.98.17-20120225 , updating cpan modules.
2012/02/19: fml-7.98.17-20120219 , updating cpan modules.
2012/02/18: fml-7.98.17-20120218 with several module updates the next several days.
2009/03/31: I've resigned an academic position.
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